Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet The Garden

Hello garden, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined! You are quaint but very loved, thank you for not dying.

There's quite the little garden growing on our patio! The big monster in the back is cucumber, from the $1 aisle at target. It started as a seed in that little yellow pot in the bottom right. I cant wait to see if we get some cucumbers, there are quite a few flowers that have bloomed already - keep growing little man!

Some cute orange flowers there in the metal one, and in the front in the pink pot are little sprouts of zinias that the Girl and I planted Sunday. They've been soaking up the sun it seems!

Happy zinia sprouts! These want to be beautiful flowers when they grow up.

The basil is in the upper left of the picture, and it was actually an herb set that I planted but I don't even remember what else was supposed to be in there. The basil took over! It smells yummy and I've used it twice in pasta, yum!

Then there's the star of the patio, the plant that gets the most attention and's the tallest member of the family now....

The Girl's sunflower! She planted it at the Oak Park Ecofair and it's grown so tall! There are 3 in the pot, I need a picture of the whole thing so you can see how much this one hogged all the nutrients. It's hard to get a pic of the top because it's so tall, she looks ready to open! I was hoping to see it open at lunch...maybe there will be a flower when I get home.

Next year I'd love to do more gardening, tomatoes for sure!

Don't forget to get your hands dirty once in a while!

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