Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, the BF and I have started watching Mad Men, season 1, from Netflix. After hearing about it everywhere and seeing beautiful images all over the internet, I just had to get a taste of it for myself. So a few days later the first 2 disks come and I have to admit the first few episodes were pretty slow. Now we are farther into the season (finished episode 9: "Shoot"). I think the slow intro brings you into the show as an outsider and its genius because as the characters develop they start to surprise you a little bit.

In the beginning you see all these people and they are almost picture-perfect; beautiful and confident and they seem to have the whole world wrapped around their finger. Then you start to see more into the character's lives, their homes, and their dirty little secrets. But they still think the world sees them the way they were introduced. Its so awesome to watch.

At first I respected Pete Campbell, he was just newly married - everyone was awaiting his return from the honeymoon, he seemed sweet and in love with his lady (more on her later!). Then he gets a little taste of competition (or maybe he was this way all along - hard to know) and turns into the biggest d-bag in the office! He gets out of being fired because of his mother's family name, and has several near misses even after that. He's a big risk-taking, sneaky little man who truly believes he's entitled to everything. Its a man's club, and he wants in.

Trudy Campbell. Yes, she's that girl from Community, and I totally had to look that up on IMDB this morning because I just couldn't for the life of me remember WHO THE HECK SHE IS. 

I like how she thinks shes standing up for herself with Pete, when in reality she has no clue what he does...and it was also fun to watch her get an earful when she showed up at his office. HIS OFFICE. Enough to make her flee with her tail between her legs. She did get her beloved apartment though, and made a rapid transformation into miss fancy-dress housewife, how fun!

One of my favorite things about watching this show is the clothing, its like people-watching in a different era! Love it! The adorable dresses are one thing, but the suits are a whole other.

Roger Sterling is fabulous. Hes a jerk. Hes a little guy, I thought it was hilarious when him and Don took their shoes off and he sunk more than a few inches! He is by far the best dressed, at least in that gorgeous navy blue suit. I want to see the BF in that suit, I bet his blue eyes would just pop! (all ladies love their man in a suit, am I wrong?)

And lastly, I consider taking up smoking each time I watch. These characters, they smoke. They smoke ALL THE TIME! Its pretty sexy, just sayin.

There are few things better than relaxing at home with the BF, watching Mad Men, and slipping out to the hot tub for the last few minutes before it closes. Phew... the start of this week was difficult, but now we're smooth sailing toward the weekend. TGI(almost)F!

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  1. These guys... smoke.

    Disc 3 & 4 came!!