Saturday, July 31, 2010

Master Masher

Saturdays used to be all about sleeping in for me. But theres something so satisfying about getting up and enjoying a long summer weekend day (the whole day!). We successfully made some potato pancakes this morning, they were a hit! Home-made as in we grated the potatoes! It was awesome when I heard from somewhere in the apartment, "hey... what smells like hashbrowns?". Breakfast sandwich + potato pancakes = clean plates all around the table.

Showdown Yatzee was a hit and the Girl and Boy did great, everyone was ahead at some point.

The Boy was the only person to get a Yatzee - it was extra fun because he got all sixes. He got to take any card he wanted!

I am looking forward to a lazy sunday, hopefully some board games, a swim, and trying out a new dinner - bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, yum! The Girl helped with dinner, she mashed some beautiful potatoes while I chatted with my mama on phone. Little helpers in the kitchen are fun!

Have a glass of wine, and give your mama a call this weekend!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Summer

I am having a truly fantastic summer! Being all done with school is awesome, it leaves me with a mix of relief, confidence, and a great butterflies-in-my-tummy feeling about the future. I'm a graduate (eeeee!) and despite a rollercoaster beginning of summer, life just keeps moving...

On a beautiful Saturday, me, J, the Boy and the Girl took a great walk/scooter ride (2 miles round-trip!) down to the local space-themed park. I packed up some sandwiches, filled some bottles with delicious orange kool-aid and some with water, and we took off on our journey.

(don't forget your sunglasses!)

The park has a structure that was made like an obstacle course. Over the rope bridge, through the two sets of caterpillar rings, across the monkey bars... time! We had an awesome time "timing" our runs - the Girl rocked it out and got the fastest time!

Lots of other fun on the playground like some spinning rings to spin in, a mini climbing wall and a nice shady slide structure where we set up our picnic.

We make sure to get lots of use out of the pools and jacuzzi in our apartment complex...

...and when we're all exhausted theres nothing sweeter than reading Shel Silverstein in bed with the Girl!

This is my life! I love it, I live it, and I laugh daily with my best friend, what more could I ask for?

Don't forget to laugh today! Go out and make your own adventure - and come back to read about mine!