Saturday, July 31, 2010

Master Masher

Saturdays used to be all about sleeping in for me. But theres something so satisfying about getting up and enjoying a long summer weekend day (the whole day!). We successfully made some potato pancakes this morning, they were a hit! Home-made as in we grated the potatoes! It was awesome when I heard from somewhere in the apartment, "hey... what smells like hashbrowns?". Breakfast sandwich + potato pancakes = clean plates all around the table.

Showdown Yatzee was a hit and the Girl and Boy did great, everyone was ahead at some point.

The Boy was the only person to get a Yatzee - it was extra fun because he got all sixes. He got to take any card he wanted!

I am looking forward to a lazy sunday, hopefully some board games, a swim, and trying out a new dinner - bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, yum! The Girl helped with dinner, she mashed some beautiful potatoes while I chatted with my mama on phone. Little helpers in the kitchen are fun!

Have a glass of wine, and give your mama a call this weekend!

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