Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairies

Can we all just stop for a quick second here? How did we get from this this...

Somewhere in the middle we took a weekend trip out to Nevada to visit the grandparents for the Girl's birthday, watched lots of Sopranos, partied it up in San Diego, drove to TJ, hopped on a plane from there and spent a beachy, relaxing, family filled Thanksgiving week in Mexico! I'm tired again just thinking about it. 

Now we're home, unpacked, and I love coming home and seeing our sparkling tree all lit up inside!  I am enjoying getting lost in December, and waiting for 2011 to whisk me away. 

2011 has the fixings to be the best year yet!

wait, what? Whats on my wishlist this holiday, you ask? Well, if you insist...

Here are some things that are catching my eye this season:
  • iPhone 4 (its sad to realize my iPhone 3G is becoming a dinosaur!!)
  • Kitchen stuffs (anything! cute apron? funky spice rub? yes!)
  • Mini dark Reeses
  • a Bicycle
  • A jigsaw puzzle
I want to decide what to make for holiday treat gifts this year, and i'm looking for a mix of new baking challenges and some classic & quick favorites. I have a few things in mind but hopefully I can take some time out this weekend to make a shopping list and get going already! Hello December 8th already. Geez!

The weather here has been a little cold but beautiful sunny days. Can you believe these colors? We had some excellent sunset spreads last week, the sky was just starting to catch on fire at this point!

Merry Hugs and Laughs! 

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